Apprentice Wages

1 to 1,000 - 60% of the Journeyman's rate
1,001 to 2,000 - 70% of the Journeyman's rate
2,001 to 3,000 - 80% of the Journeyman's rate
3,001 to 4,000 - 90% of the Journeyman's rate
4,001+ - Full rate
Apprenticeship - Introduction

Local 310 TrainingThe Construction Craft Laborer Apprenticeship Program is a 4,000 hour on-the-job training program. In addition to on-the-job training, an apprentice is required to receive approximately 436 hours of classroom instruction during the apprenticeship. Apprentices will receive their classroom instruction at the Laborers' Local 310 Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio and at the Laborers' Training Center in Millwood, Ohio.


Construction Craft Laborers

The Laborers' Local 310 Construction Craft Laborer (CCL) is a very important member of the construction industry in the Local 310 jurisdictional area of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties in Ohio.

The tasks of the CCL are many and varied. The CCL tends brick masons, cement masons, carpenters and plasterers. We lay storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water lines. We work with operating engineers on site development, excavating and backfill. We work on deep foundations (caissons) and tunnels. The CCL works on asbestos and hazardous waste abatement, which requires special training. All the above tasks require team work and a genuine concern for the safety of everyone. Productivity, responsibility and reliability are qualities which Local 310 holds in the highest regard. Loyalty to the Union and involvement with its activities are expected from its members. Respect for the employer and his property is essential. Neglect of this responsibility will not be tolerated.

The CCL must be able to work in extreme weather conditions - freezing temperatures in winter and scorching heat in summer. Working in the rain and mud is not uncommon.

Through the efforts of Collective Bargaining the Local 310 CCL enjoys a good wage and an excellent benefits package and by working diligently and responsibly can expect a decent standard of living. Many CCL's have become supervisors (foreman, general foreman or superintendent) through hard work, training and self-improvement. Laborers' Local 310 and the Construction Employers Association believe in a safe, drug-free workplace.