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Local 310 Fringe Benefit Funds, Inc.
3250 Euclid Ave. - Room 150
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
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Telephone (216) 431-2130
Toll Free (866) 310-BENE (2363)
Fax (216) 431-7707

The Fund Office will be CLOSED on Saturdays starting May 30, 2009.

The Fund Office is open 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

If you require an appointment after business hours, or on a Saturday, please contact Ed Fox at the Fund Office and he will try to accommodate your request.


To gain your initial eligibility with Local 310 Health and Welfare Fund, you must work at least 500 hours in two consecutive Contribution Quarters. The Contribution Quarters are based on the chart below:

1st Contribution Quarter
December, January, February
1st Benefit Quarter
May, June, July
2nd Contribution Quarter
March, April, May
2nd Benefit Quarter
August, September, October
3rd Contribution Quarter
June, July, August
3rd Benefit Quarter
November, December, January
4th Contribution Quarter
September, October, November
4th Benefit Quarter
February, March, April

In order to maintain your eligibility, you must work at least 275 hours in the preceding contribution quarter or 1,100 hours for the preceding four contribution quarters.

The current benefits offered by Local 310 Health and Welfare Fund are as follows:

Medical - Medical Mutual of Ohio ( (800) 218-7747 Group Number - 525391
Dental - Delta Dental of Ohio ( (800) 282-0749 Group Number - 7493
$1,200 per person per family per plan year (current as of 1/1/2017).
Prescription - Express Scripts Inc. ( (800) 451-6245 Group Number - YH5 BIN # 003858
Vision - National Vision Administrators ( (800) 672-7723 Group Number - 1618
Benefits include: an exam, frames, lenses, and contacts.
EAP - Employee Assistance Program through Center for Families and Children ( (216) 241-3273 or (800) 521-3273. Confidential service which will provide help with personal problems, stress, martial difficulties, child or adolescent concerns, deaths or illness of a family member, or financial and legal problems.


The SUB Fund is there for you when you are unemployed. You earn credits to be eligible to collect SUB pay in the following manner.

Please see the link below to view the SUB Fund credit structure.

SUB Fund Changes 2010.

Each week that you are unemployed, you may collect a SUB credit. Each credit is worth $100. The SUB fund will also pay out in ¼ credits ($25), ½ credits ($50), and ¾ credits ($75). The SUB week runs from Saturday to Friday, so you must be laid off this entire time to be eligible for SUB pay. You may call or stop in the fringe office to sign up for SUB pay on Friday, Monday or Tuesday.


What do you do with your pay stubs at the end of each week? Our advice to you is SAVE them. Saving your stubs is the simplest way to identify any problems before they have any adverse effect on your fringe benefits.

One simple way to ensure that contractors are reporting your hours correctly is to compare your pay stubs to your quarterly statements. Make sure that the hours that are reported by the contractors match your pay stubs. If there are discrepancies, the Fringe Benefits Office will need copies of your pay stubs to research the discrepancy. In addition to your pay stubs, the Fringe Benefit Office can use payroll history reports and W-2's that you have received from the contractor as other research tools.

If it is determined that a contractor has not paid fringe benefits correctly, we will use the information provided by you to determine the amount due and attempt to collect it from the contractor. (Please note that in order for the Fringe Benefit Office to pursue contractors on your behalf they must be signatory with Local 310 and the hours need to be worked within our jurisdiction.)

What happens if a Contractor does not pay the fringe benefits? If for some reason a contractor fails to submit fringe benefits contributions, we will pursue all options available to us including using the general contractor, filing a lien on the project site, and finally the court system. The earlier we know a contractor is delinquent, the faster we should be able to collect the fringe benefit contributions.


The Health and Welfare Fund, the Pension Fund and the Annuity Fund, allow participants to designate a beneficiary. The beneficiary you named years ago may not be the person you want to receive your benefits today. Divorce, remarriage, birth, death and other relationships throughout your life may cause you to want to change your beneficiary. Updating beneficiaries is a detail often overlooked, however, the consequences; though unintentional, can be a real headache for your heirs. If you are married, your spouse must be named beneficiary for your Pension and Annuity Funds unless your spouse completes and signs a waiver, which can be obtained from the Fund Office. If the Fund Office has a spouse listed in your files but you are divorced, the Fund Office needs a copy of your complete Divorce Decree and Separation Agreement before the beneficiary change can be completed.